The Sporty Waist Trainer
Waist™ by Slimtum®

New for 2020, Slimtum® presents the Waist™. Clever features in a low-profile design make our newest waist trainer cool, comfortable and chic. The Waist™ is perfect as a gym waist trainer or for wearing every day.

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Find Your Waist Trainer Size

Wrap a measuring tape around the smallest part of your waist and match with your size in the table below. Please order the size of waist trainer shown as smaller sizes will not fit.
Sizing Notes
The Slimtum® Waist™ comes in a large variety of sizes from Size 1 to Size 8. Sizes vary a standard of 5cm (approximately 2”) per size.

Your first size of waist trainer may feel a tight on the loosest setting. Wear it for an hour a day until you break it in and then increase the wearing time.

If only the tightest setting on your first Waist™ provides pressure, this is also fine. This size may only take a few weeks before you change down sizes, but a smaller size waist trainer will usually not fit yet.
Waist Trainer

Perfect Slimtum® Shape

Established in 2016 as specialists in waist trainers, Slimtum® have perfected our patterns over the past 5 years. You can shape your waist with confidence knowing that you’ll have graceful, sexy curves from your Slimtum® waist trainer. This tradition of care with the shapes Slimtum® waist trainers create carries through to this new line of waist trainers.

Everyday & Gym Waist Trainer

This waist trainer is well suited to wearing in the gym as well as every day under clothing. Because of the punctured hole pattern and synthetic materials, it is both sweat resistant and breathable so you can wear it comfortably in the gym. Waist training while you exercise provides support for the lower back without limiting movement. The low profile makes this waist trainer perfect for wearing under everyday clothing as well.

Comfort Bust Contour

The Waist™ carries through the same trademark outer contour found on the Slimtum® Original waist trainer models. This contour provides comfort and stability to the waist trainer. In addition, the Waist™ has an elastic binding around the outside to prevent the trainer from cutting into the skin.

Stylish Waist Trainer

Slimtum® Waist™ is a stylish, minimal garment. With neutral, but striking matte black, gloss black and silver tones, this waist trainer will complement most outfits. The curves in the pattern are designed to flatter the wearer, while the outer contour is shaped to enhance the wearer’s feminine appearance. Vertical silver accenting highlights the curves. Gloss black accents have been matched in tone and texture to provide an integrated look to the waist trainer.

Premium Soft Rubber

The Waist™ uses the highest grade of rubber material from the same factories supplying major fashion labels. This premium rubber waist trainer is very durable, has a high elastic return for exceptional shaping and is very soft for all day comfort. The rubber is certified to clothing grade, is odour free and safe to wear – so you can be confident in your new waist trainer.

Breathable Waist Trainer

Our Waist™ model feature a perforated outer shell with a moisture wicking liner. This ensures the waist trainer permits maximum breathability. You’ll find your new waist trainer to be lighter and more comfortable in every situation.

Quick Dry Materials

The Waist™ has a quick dry Polyester liner as well as a matched quick dry Polyester clasp bed. This means that after washing or exercise, the Slimtum® Waist™ will dry in the quickest possible time. This allows the wearer to return to waist training or pack the waist trainer away with the minimum inconvenience.

Resistant Synthetic Liner

Slimtum® uses a special synthetic liner in the Waist™ that is resistant to bacteria, odours and discolouration. The special liner provides the waist trainer with increased durability and an enhanced user experience.

Comfortable Steel Bones

The Waist™ uses Slimtum®’s new steel bones. After months of trialling and testing, these bones were selected for their incredible low profile, superior flexibility and resistance to kinking. Altogether, these qualities make the steel bones on our new Slimtum® waist trainers the most comfortable and durable bones available.

Durable Lock-In Clasps

The clasps on Slimtum®’s Waist™ are a new style of in line clasp developed for use on the 2020 Slimtum® waist trainer models. They feature a low, lock-in profile that secures the clasps in place once clipped together. They are embedded in a tough Polyester clasp bed, which is durable, light weight, quick drying, soft and comfortable. The ends are trimmed at an angle to prevent the corners snagging on garments or sticking out of the waist trainer.
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