Slimtum® Australia pride ourselves in delivering you the best. We spared no cost or detail in bringing you our comprehensive waist shaping products and fat loss supplements.
All of our waist trainers are custom cut and sew with materials designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for use on our waist trainers. This provides fit, feel and performance far beyond any other waist trainer you can buy on the market today. In fact, we consider most of the waist trainers you can buy elsewhere to be unfit for human use - they have a pungent odour from residual processing chemicals, they use uncertified materials and the components stick out into the body or are very uncomfortable. Ours are nothing like that.
Our fat loss supplements come in a variety of forms, but all are carefully formulated by our experts from no-nonsense ingredients to realistically support weight loss. We consider compliance with diet and exercise to be very important and are in touch with the realities our customers face when dieting or exercising for weight loss. We tackle appetite and hunger, energy levels and mood as much as we approach metabolism and fat mobilisation, because we know these are very real experiences. We appreciate that overcoming these feelings is critical to your success and having the willpower to overcome them on your own is oftentimes an unrealistic expectation.
Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our best-in-class, value for money products.
- The Slimtum Team
The Snatched Waist Trainer
Slimtum® - Shape • Redefined
Slimtum® was established in Australia in 2016 with a simple vision: to provide effective slimming and waist shaping products for health-conscious people. Our offering is entirely focused on body shape: fat loss and waist training. With this clarity of vision, our mission is to provide our customers the best and most effective products for these goals.
Our Products
Slimming & Shaping Products that Work
The real drive behind Slimtum is our products. There is a plethora of weight loss supplements, pills, cellulite treatments and waist trainers that all claim to work, but don’t.
They are everywhere from the retail shelf, to social media and these products trade on misinformation and on people’s lack of expertise. Slimtum set out to make a difference.
Our aim with every product is to take the complications that come with making a truly effective and healthy product - and simplify them for our customers. We don’t over sell and where we can package active ingredients into a product that makes sense, we will do it. That’s why our range is so selective and targeted and why there is very little overlap between products.
Slimtum products are premium, but a comparison of their active ingredients, formulas, design and manufacture to others shows they’re fantastic value.